Chemtron Corporation History

For 25 years Chemtron has been meeting the water treatment needs of clients throughout the Midwest. Jerry Koch and his business partner and brother, John, started the business selling specialty chemical products. As they saw the market change and clients’ desires for better control and treatment methods became evident, the brothers expanded the company’s service offerings to accommodate those needs.

Today Chemtron is a full-service water-treatment provider offering companies customized solutions unique to their systems. Through consultation and analysis, advanced laboratory services and hassle-free delivery, the company is able to address any client challenge.

Chemtron’s founders also recognized a need in the market for wastewater treatment services so they formed River Bend Lab Services, a division of Chemtron Corporation. River Bend Lab is the largest treatability labs in the country. The company’s expert staff of chemists, biologists and engineers develops creative and innovative solutions for wastewater systems.

While Chemtron’s services have evolved through the years, the company’s regional focus has remained the same. Chemtron started in the Midwest and today is one of the largest regional water treatment providers in the market. The company plans to stay regionally focused so it can continue to provide customized solutions and keep its staff easily accessible to clients.


Chemtron is a full-service, water-treatment provider, offering companies customized solutions unique to their systems.